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How to use All-bond universal with Dental Composite

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  • How to use All-bond universal with Dental Composite


All-Bond universal:

is a single component adhesive which contains etching, priming and bonding in one bottle.

 It is an ethanol-water based adhesive containing MDP. It can be used in self, total and selective etch bonding techniques.

 It is compatible with all dental material and with all types of dental composite as self-cured, light cured, and Dual cured also can be used with direct dental composite or indirect dental composite.

Indications of All-Bond Universal:

–         Desensitization of preparations before dentine sealing.

–         Desensitization of exposed root surface.

How to use it with direct dental composite:

–         All-Bond Universal can be applied with or without phosphoric acid etchant.

–         Followed by air drying (required).

–         Dental curing light for 10 seconds.

How to use All-Bond Universal with indirect dental composite:

–         The adhesive must be applied on the inner surface of restoration.

–         Apply dental curing light.

 Advantages of All-bond universal

–         One step adhesive so, dentin demineralization and priming occur simultaneously and the dissolved hydroxyl apatite crystals and residual smear layer are incorporated.

–         Better moisture control

–         Low viscosity so it is easy to spread

–         Duration: Excellent.

–         Post-operative sensitivity: Absent.

– compatible with:   

Direct dental composite.

Indirect dental composite.

Self-cured dental composite

Light cured dental composite

Dual cured dental composite

– Easy to apply

-Thin layer  


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