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Dental Composite

Advantages of Dental Composite

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Advantages of Dental Composite

Dental Composite is more Conservative as less tooth structure is removed as dentist is not in need retentive  features and custom design which is required in Dental amalgam but it need to remove caries lesion (soft caries and hard caries) before dental composite application.

Also in case if dental composite fracture the damaged part is removed and replaced with composite which creates a bond with existing composite so, we are not in need to remove the whole restoration as in dental Amalgam restoration as in Dental amalgam restoration. And to promote patient health it does not have highly toxic components like mercury in dental amalgam but also in dental amalgam mercury ratio is very controlled to promote patient health.

But according to promote patient health.

According to esthetic, Dental composite is an esthetic restoration, it seems tooth structure, it increase patient’s self-confidence as it is near invisible tooth restoration.

Thermal conductivity:

Dental Composite is  a low thermal conductive material so, it prevents pulp shock and stimulation of pulp by thermal changes in oral cavity to occur.

Dental composite is applied in dental clinic in single visit, this is more comfortable for patients than veneers or crowns, also less expensive but, in some cases veneers and crowns are required and dental composite is not the suitable restoration.

Dental composite bond chemically with bonding material which bonds micro mechanically with tooth structure but, dental Amalgam bonds directly into tooth structure by macro-mechanical bond in boxed shaped cavity design

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